El Paso Divorce Courts: What You Need to Know - Part 2

As stated in other parts of this website, you should expect delays. The El Paso divorce courts are very crowded and busy. Your case - especially if it is contested - will not proceed on your schedule, your spouse's schedule or the lawyers' schedules. It will proceed on the court's schedule.

If you ever appear before a divorce court in El Paso, you should follow certain rules.

First, be prepared to clear security when you enter the courthouse:

  • Make sure that you do not have any pocket knives, guns or other weapons with you.
  • All purses, briefcases, paper binders and cell phones must go through the X-Ray machine.
  • Your keys, coins and other metal objects will be placed in a plastic container.
  • You will walk through a metal detector. If it beeps, a constable will approach you with a metal detection wand. Stand still and spread your arms while they run the wand over you.

Once in the courtroom, you should always show your respect to the judge, the bailiff, the court reporter and other court staff. This is the case, whether you are in a District Court or an Associate Court.

Expect the courtroom to be different than what you see on television. The El Paso divorce courts are modern and simple. There is no carved wood. There are no fancy chairs. If your matter is before one of the associate courts, be prepared for the fact that some of these courtrooms are very small - perhaps even smaller than your living room.

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