El Paso Divorce Courts: What You Need to Know - Part 3

Second, you should dress appropriately. Men should wear suits and women should wear either dresses or nice pant suits. Members of the Armed Services should wear either civilian suits or their dress uniforms. Fatigues are not appropriate. Do not wear tight-fitting or revealing clothes. Try to avoid denim. Remove any hats or sunglasses that you have on your head. Do not wear facial piercings, such as nose studs or tongue studs. Avoid excessive amounts of jewelry, especially if it is likely to jingle, clank against the furniture or otherwise make noise. Make sure that your cell phone is turned off. Some courts will fine you if your cell phone goes off in court.

Third, you should never speak out of turn. If you have a lawyer, you should allow that lawyer to do the talking for you. You may become very emotional in court. The VERY LAST circumstance in which you want to speak out of turn is in court, while you are emotional and while you are ON THE RECORD.

"On the record" refers to the fact that all proceedings before the court are recorded. Some courts use court reporters. Some courts use electronic recording devices. In any event, there is nothing your spouse's lawyer would love more than for you to blurt out something in court that could potentially harm your case. If this happens, they simply have to request a copy of the record from the court reporter. Once they have that official transcript, they can shove your own words right back down your throat.

If you ever have to address the court, address the judge as "your honor." Answer questions clearly and with real words. For example, use the word "yes" instead of "yeah," "uh-huh" or a nod of the head. Remember, the court reporter is making a record. That record must be clear.

Keeping these simple rules in mind can help your divorce case. Deviating from them can be very detrimental.

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