Custody in El Paso Divorce Cases: A Primer - Page 4

Sole Managing Conservatorship

Sole Managing Conservatorship implies that the Sole Managing Conservator has greater custody rights than the other parent (known as the noncustodial parent).

Cases of Sole Managing Conservatorship are not as common as Joint Managing Conservatorship cases. When they do occur, they can range from one extreme to the other.

The most benign example is that of the label. Simply take the Joint Managing Conservator case described on the last two pages, leave all the rights and duties exactly the same, but change the word "Joint" to "Sole."

In other words, even under a Sole Managing Conservatorship, the noncustodial parent could still have all of the same rights and visitation schedule that he or she would have as a Joint Managing Conservator.

To the other extreme, one parent could be designated Sole Managing Conservator, while the other parent's rights are completely terminated.

Or, Sole Managing Conservatorship could be something in between. For example, the noncustodial parent could have no input as to the education or religious upbringing of the child. Or his/her visitation might be supervised or limited to day visits only.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of custody cases that can involve Sole Managing Conservatorship.

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