Discovery Examples in El Paso Divorce Cases - Page 1

The purpose of this Article is to provide examples of the kinds of information that could be requested of you (and that you can request from your spouse) during the discovery phase of a divorce case. For a more thorough overview of what the discovery phase is, click here.


Interrogatories are written questions that require your written answers, under oath. Here is a list of common subjects that lawyers ask about in interrogatories:

  • Questions about marital assets. These questions can often be answered by providing an inventory.
  • Questions about extramarital affairs.
  • Questions about any claims for reimbursement or contribution.
  • Questions about any claims for alimony. These can require you to list your employment history for a given period of time and your efforts to find employment.
  • Questions about witnesses with knowledge of the case, including regular witnesses and experts.
  • Questions about your monthly living expenses.
  • Questions about your earning capacity.
  • Questions about any large expenditures and/or your banking activity.
  • Questions about debts you have incurred.
  • Questions about your or the children's health care.

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