The Divorce Process in El Paso, Texas: From Beginning to End


El Paso divorce lawyers (in fact, all divorce lawyers in Texas) are supposed to ask this as one of their first questions to their divorce clients: Is there any chance of reconciliation?

This may seem counterintuitive, and I suppose it is. But only in the same way that it is counterintuitive for dentists to hand out free toothbrushes. Sure they make money when your teeth go bad, but that doesn't mean they want their patients to suffer from tooth decay or gum disease.

The same goes for divorce lawyers. We don't want everyone to experience the pain of divorce.

Divorce is, however, a reality of life. That's why that same question (Is there any chance of reconciliation?) gets asked every day in El Paso divorce courts. If you get divorced, it will be asked at your final divorce hearing. While Texas divorce law provides for divorce, it also does what it can to promote reconciliation where possible.

Also, while you may be certain in your decision to get a divorce, your divorce lawyer may doubt that certainty. Don't be surprised if your divorce lawyer asks you - more than once - if you have tried marriage counseling.

Marriage counseling services are listed in the El Paso Yellow Pages and on the internet. But your best bet is to get a recommendation from someone you consider reliable. Quite often, programs are offered through churches, psychologists and licensed professional counselors (LPCs).

If marriage counseling has not worked and you are certain that there is no chance of reconciliation, then it may be time to consider divorce and start looking for a lawyer in El Paso.

It is also time to start thinking differently and to educate yourself as to how the process works. First, your lawyer will want to know if the El Paso divorce courts have jurisdiction over your case.

As a divorce lawyer in El Paso, I have dealt with several cases involving complex issues of interstate and international jurisdiction. Keep reading for the basics on divorce jurisdiction in El Paso, Texas.

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