The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act - Page 3

What Transactions are Affected?

  • 6% Cap on Credit Card Interest
  • Active servicemember must request the cap or give notice to the creditor
  • Interest capped at 6% only during active duty
  • Applies to debt held jointly with servicemember's spouse
  • Interest charged in excess of 6% during SCRA period is forgiven
  • Creditor can remove the cap if it convinces a court that the active servicemember is not impaired by military service

Ability to Cancel Leases

  • Applies to business, agricultural or home leases
  • If executed by a person who, during the lease term, enters military service
  • If executed by a servicemember who, during the lease term, received orders for a permanent change of station or deployment for at least 90 days in support of a military operation

Ability to Cancel Car or Truck Leases

  • If person who signed lease enters military service for 180 days or more
  • Or if person enters service under call or orders for 180 days or less and gets an order extending service to 180 days or more, without a break in service
  • Or if person receives an order for a permanent change of station
  • From a location within CONUS to a location outside of CONUS; or
  • From a location in a state outside CONUS to a location outside of that state; or
  • If person receives an order to deploy for not less than 180 days

The SCRA can also help an active servicemember:

  • Delay foreclosure on their home
  • Delay repossession of personal property
  • Extend the time for paying tax liabilities

Consult an attorney for advice as to how the SCRA may apply in your specific situation.

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