Divorce and Family Violence Allegations:

Special Issues for Men - Part 2

First, the El Paso County Attorney's office prosecutes protective orders under the Texas Family Code. A woman simply needs to visit the County Attorney's office in El Paso and sign an affidavit that sets out specific instances of violence against either her or the children.

Upon making out this basic case, the El Paso County family courts will generally grant a protective order, sometimes without a hearing and always without notice to the husband or his lawyer. This order will last for 20 days, unless the wife obtains an extension.

If the husband is in law enforcement, the military or security, his job could be jeopardized because such a protective order will usually prohibit him from carrying a firearm. The protective order also suspends any concealed weapons permits the husband may hold.

Of course, the El Paso County Attorney accomplishes this on the wife's behalf, free of charge. If the husband wants to fight a protective order, he must pay an attorney to help him.

The next page discusses the other form of abuse that women sometimes deploy-false criminal accusations.

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