Divorce and Family Violence Allegations:

Special Issues for Men - Part 3

Another abuse occurs when women make false criminal accusations against their husbands. In a typical case, the woman will allege physical violence against her or, even worse, sexual abuse of the children.

I have represented several fathers in such cases before the El Paso criminal courts which had no basis. Yet, the El Paso District Attorney accepted the women's cases and attempted to prosecute. Again, the women did not have to pay any lawyers, but guess who did? This left the men with fewer resources to pay for litigated divorce and custody proceedings. Also, while these cases were pending-and even though they were ultimately dismissed-the men were unable to see their children.

If you are a man and this has happened to you, you probably have the urge to file criminal charges against your wife for making false accusations. While you are free to report this misconduct to the police, do not count on the El Paso District Attorney to take your case. It is simply not likely to happen.

Also, no private attorney is likely to be interested in taking such a case and filing a private lawsuit for you. If you wish to do this, you will most likely have to pay an attorney by the hour, with attorney's fees and costs soaring into the tens of thousands of dollars.

While cases involving family violence are difficult, they are not impossible to win. Keep reading to learn more.

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