Divorce and Family Violence Allegations:

Special Issues for Men - Part 4

One important sign to watch out for is behavior designed to get you to actually commit violence. One typical fact pattern involves the wife grabbing on to some part of the man's clothing and refusing to let go. The alleged family violence occurs when the man tries to free himself of his wife's grip, which can sometimes cause minor injury. This gives the wife a basis for calling the authorities.

In situations such as these, the best practice is generally to leave the home as soon as possible. Do not return while the woman is present. Make other living arrangements immediately and do not allow yourself to be in the woman's presence without another person, a witness, present.

Cases involving allegations of family violence are often messy and expensive, but they are not impossible to win. Protective orders are matters of civil law (as opposed to criminal). As such, they are subject to the rules of discovery. If you are faced with a protective order hearing that you would like to defend, you should seek the assistance of a lawyer immediately. You will want someone with experience in defending protective orders and accusations of family violence.

Anybody faced with false accusations of family violence should be prepared for a lengthy, contested and expensive process, combined with long periods of time without seeing their children.

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