The Top 10 Mistakes People Make in Divorce Cases

8. Failure to Get Closing Documents

The divorce decree is not the end of the divorce! In almost every case, divorced couples still need to execute documents to ensure that their property gets divided. Powers of attorney are needed to transfer title to the cars. Deeds and deeds of trust to transfer the house. Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) to divide retirement accounts.

Unfortunately, I see this problem a lot and, unfortunately, it is often the fault of the lawyer. If you are dividing property in your divorce, make sure to ask your lawyer what closing documents you will need to sign.

7. Failure to Acknowledge the Divorce (Denial)

Divorce can be an emotionally traumatic event that causes enormous grief. One stage of grief is denial. If one spouse does not want the divorce, he or she may be in denial while the divorce is moving forward. Denial can cause a person to lose sight of the fact that a divorce is a lawsuit, and a lawsuit is war. Even if a case is amicable and settles by agreement, you want your lawyer prepared to do battle. A person in denial tends to be nonresponsive or uncooperative with their lawyer, which can hurt their case.

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