The Top 10 Mistakes People Make in Divorce Cases

6. Failure to Get Help

As stated above, divorce can be very difficult. Most people going through a divorce could benefit from some type of support, whether it is a network of family or friends, or whether it is professional counseling. While your divorce lawyer is accustomed to discussing deeply emotional and painful issues with his or her clients, your lawyer is not a practitioner of the healing arts. The lawyer's job is something entirely different.

If discussing emotional issues with your lawyer is something that you find helpful, imagine how helpful it would be to discuss those same issues with a professional who is actually trained to help you cope and heal.

5. Dating

Dating while your divorce is pending has no legal consequence whatsoever. But if your spouse finds out, it could lead to allegations of adultery - even if you never committed adultery before the separation. It can also ratchet up the emotional factor in your case, which diminishes the chance of a settlement. It can also cause confusion and emotional pain in your children if you start dating so soon after the end of the marriage.

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