The Top 10 Mistakes People Make in Divorce Cases

2. Talking About the Divorce with the Kids

Divorcing parents should go out of their way to protect and isolate their children from the effects of divorce. They should never discuss the contentious issues of the divorce with the kids. They should never pass messages to the other spouse through the kids. They should never talk bad about the other spouse with the kids.

Of course, they should never do any of these things with anyone else if the kids can overhear the conversation.

This isn't just my opinion. If you go through temporary orders in your case, you will probably have a court order that prohibits you, AS A MATTER OF LAW, from doing these things. In other words, talking with your kids about the divorce case or talking smack about your spouse could place you in contempt of court.

And yet, people disregard these rules all the time. I have had cases where the judge ordered my clients not to talk about the case in front of the kids. Then we walked out of the courtroom and the client began discussing the case, with the children standing right there.

While you will have to talk to your kids about the end of the marriage, do not discuss the divorce case with them. For help on dealing with this issue, take the COPE class and take it early.

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